The Ashes 2015

The Ashes 2015 cricket Tournament will start on Jun 23, 2015 in England. The last match of the tournament will be held on Aug 14, 2015.

The Ashes is a 5-match test series which is played between two of the oldest test playing nations i.e. England and Australia. The Ashes 2013-14 will take place down under i.e. in Australia. According to the Ashes 2013-14 Schedule; the 5 venues where the Ashes 2013-14 fixtures will be organized are Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne and Sydney. The Ashes 2013-14 time table will be a bit awkward for the Indian viewers. There is a big difference between the standard times of India and Australia. Most of the Ashes 2013-14 fixtures will start at 5.30 Indian Standard time.

The Ashes series was played last in England 2 months ago and Australia had lost it by 0-3. If anyone looks at this score line, he would definitely think that the Kangaroos were thrashed, but, that wasn’t the actuality. Australia had played decent cricket in that series, but, because of bad luck and the weather conditions, they couldn’t win any game. They would be desperate for revenge and they are capable of getting that as they have got a good idea of their home conditions.

England would also turn up determined. They have a chance to create history. If they win the Ashes 2013-14, it would be their 4th consecutive Ashes win and that would be a new record. But, if they are to do that, they can’t play the way they had played at home. They would have to bat better. The wickets in Australia would not be similar to the English wickets. They would have much more bounce in them. Australia would relish those pitches because they are used to playing on it.

The Ashes series has been taking place since the last 130 years. The first Ashes series was played in 1882-83 in England and Australia had won it. The total no. of Ashes test matches played so far is 311. The no. of matches won by Australia is 120, the no. of matches won by England is 103, while, 88 matches were draws. The current holder of the Ashes series is England.

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