Sri Lanka Premier League 2013 Schedule

Sri Lanka Premier League 2013 Schedule cricket Tournament will start on Aug 10, 2013 in Sri Lanka. The last match of the tournament will be held on Sep 7, 2013.
The league based tournament, after the cropping up of the T20 format of Cricket, has seen a multi-fold rise in cricket playing nations all over the world. The extravaganza which Indian Premier League had offered since its inception in 2008 has brought several other league based tournaments into existence in other countries. On the lines of Indian Premier League, along with Bangladesh Premier League and Caribbean Premier League, the Sri Lanka Premier League also attracted the attention of the cricket admirers and money spinning sponsors.

The Sri Lankan Cricket Board has been struggling on monetary grounds with default bills from the construction of stadiums and related infrastructure during the ICC 2011 Cricket World Cup. However, the inaugural season of Sri Lanka Premier League in 2012 brought a fresh leash of life for Sri Lankan Cricket Board with regards to money issues. The profit figure of 289 Million Rupees was a big boost for Sri Lankan Cricket Board.

Hence, it is without doubt that the second season of SLPL was as eagerly waited for by Sri Lanka Cricket Board as by the Sri Lankan cricket admirers. However, the news that struck headlines was that 2013 SLPL has been cancelled by Sri Lanka cricket board. This is because the franchise owners have not fulfilled the payment conditions, leaving no alternative in front of Sri Lanka Cricket Board but to cancel the forthcoming season. Reports suggest that 3 of franchises are willing to stay put and play, provided other franchises also comply with playing terms.
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