Irani Cup 2014 Schedule

Irani Cup 2014 will begin on Sunday, February 9, 2014 in India as per cricket schedule announced. Irani Trophy 2014 is an domestic Tournament to be organized by India. Irani Cup 2014 will consist of 1 Test between Ranji winner and Rest of India to be hosted by India in February 2014. India will host the Irani Cup 2014 Tournament, beginning on February 9, 2014.

Irani Cup 2014 Schedule is available with full fixtures and time table for Irani Trophy 2014. Irani Cup 2014 is available in PDF Format for download. Irani Trophy 2014 is also available in Excel (CSV) format. You must open this file in excel only.

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Date Match Details
Sun Feb 9 - Thu Feb 13
Irani Trophy Match: TBC vs Rest of India, Only Test
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