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Cricket is the most popular sport in India and is among the top across the globe. And we don't have any surprises if you are also a true cricket lover. But have you thought about what makes you different from others? It might not be about watching and enjoying cricket. Rather, you can follow your interest in the game and can earn some money as well. So, if you have a strong desire for the game and want to make it your career, then you are at the right place.

Welcome to one of the fastest India's cricket news portal. Cricschedule brings you all the latest news, schedule, fixtures, live streaming details, cricket interviews and many more in one place with one single click. We, who believe in sharing everyone the right set of details and news, are looking for Content Writers, Freelance Writers and Guest Authors. Both experienced and freshers who are willing to use their cricketing knowledge to boost the audience with best-quality, research-based and plagiarism-free content can apply for the above positions. So, if you want to be a writer or pursue a career in sports journalism, you've come to the right place. 

What we publish?

Cricschedule publishes News pieces, Trending content, Match schedule & reports, Fixtures, Feature artciles, Match predictions & Previews, Match Analysis, Game Fantasy guide, Statistical articles and many more on our website.

Guidelines for Content Writing:

A. The written content should be at least 350 words, which can describe the topic and details (related to News and Trending Topics)

1. If you are writing a news article, we suggest you not write it beyond 500 words. If it has a lot of content, just try to shorten it by removing the less important parts. The most important thing, use your own words and describe things in your own language.

2. The article's content should be more highlighted rather than the quotes. It is critical to enhance the explanation beyond the first few paragraphs and maintain consistency until the end.

3. The first or introductory para should be the lead of the article. Try to put some important parts, which should be in detail. It is critical to ensure that the reader reads the complete article. At the same time, make sure it isn't too confusing, as this will kill the involvement.

B. A writer needs to make sure that the length of the paragraph in the article should be 4-5 lines throughout the complete article, because less or more will distract the reader's attention.

1. If it is any News topic, then the writer needs to make sure that the first two paras should be description from your side and there is no requirement for using "quotes." A writer can describe the quote in their own words, but using it directly is not required.

2. A writer needs to mention the actual source of the quotes he is adding, if it is from any other news portal or website. You can mention the source if you are working on a pre-match or post-match press conference.

C. There is no need to write the same lines or repeat lines from the previous news piece, which is on the same subject. Rather, you can use the same details but in a totally different way as that will disturb the interest of the reader.

1. If you are writing any type of article, try to use subheadings that reflect your topic to the readers. And make sure that the subheading you are using should reveal only a small part of the main content.

2. After completing the article, make sure that you recheck it once again so that if there is any error or mistake, you can rectify it. Then, you can submit it for review.

D. The most important part is, when you write a long post, make sure that you can create a summary or summarise it first. Then carry on step by step to the important or main content and try to write in a way that can draw a picture in the minds of the readers. Think of it as the mind of a narrator when he is telling a story. Your story should grab the attention of the readers and their willingness to find out what next, and then end with a complete sense of satisfaction.

1. A writer should make his statement delivered in the article stand out or, to prove it genuine, support it with statistics and facts.

How to Apply?

To be a part of Cricschedule's family, you can reach or write to us at info @ cricschedule . com. We will suggest you send some of your writing samples to us to better understand your understanding and writing skills for the game.

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