T20 Powerplay Rules

Since the beginning of cricket, the powerplay is the part of the T20 international cricket that makes it more exciting for the cricket players and their fans. It is actually used to restrict the fielding in the shortest format of the game. In ODI and T20 international matches, The first few overs are kept for the fielding side to the field in the limited area.

In T20 international matches, the first 6 overs are limited for the bowling side and fielders can not stand out of the 30-yard circle. Only two fielders are allowed to field in the boundary line or out of the circle. A 30-yard circle is created by measuring the 30 yards from both ends of the cricket ground. It is actually an imaginary circle that is drawn in order to restrict the fielders.

The guideline of powerplay has made the game more interesting and a batsman domination game. The batters are allowed to hit the ball hard during the fielding restrictions that helped the batting side to score more and more runs. Because of Powerplay rules, the cricket team has made more than 200+ runs within 20 overs.

In T20 international matches, the rules of Powerplay are mentioned below:

Within the first five overs, only two fielders are allowed to field outside the 30-yard circle.

During 6 to 20 overs, 5 fielders will be allowed to field outside the circle.

Also, the fielding side can keep 5 fielders maximum in the leg side through the entire match.

From the beginning of the T20 international matches, the Powerplay rules are the same and there are no modifications in their guidelines. Powerplay in T20I matches is formed in order to provide batsmen more opportunities to make the runs by playing more aggressively instead of defending. But this is not only advantageous for batters but also for bowlers as they can take more wickets by their bowling tactics.

Powerplay in T20 international has taken the game to a different level where people enjoyed a lot within a few hours of cricketing the game in only 20 overs.


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