Fastest 2000 Runs in T20

In the T20 international matches, Pakistan captain Babar Azam has become the speediest batter who has crossed the 2000 runs mark from his 52 innings in 54 matches. He has broken the record of Virat Kohli, who made 2000 runs in 56 innings but Kohli is at the top position in overall runs in T20I. On the other hand, Azam is at the 11th position for overall runs in T20I. Let’s check out the fastest 2000 runs in T20I made by players.

List of the Fastest 2000 Runs in T20 International






Babar Azam (Pakistan)




25 Apr 2021

Virat Kohli (India)




3 Jul 2018

Aaron Finch (Australia)




4 Sep 2020

Brendon McCullum (New Zealand)




29 Mar 2014

Martin Guptill (New Zealand)



Mount Maunganui

28 Jan 2018

Mohammad Shahzad (Afghanistan) Namibia 68 Abu Dhabi 31 Oct 2021

Paul Stirling (Ireland)

West Indies


St George's

15 Jan 2020

Kane Williamson (NZ) Australia 72 Dubai 14 Nov 2021

David Warner (Australia)

Sri Lanka



1 Nov 2019

Rohit Sharma (India)




8 Jul 2018

Jos Buttler (ENG) Sri Lanka 78 Sharjah 1 Nov 2021
Glenn Maxwell (Aus) Sri Lanka 78 Colombo 5 Sep 2022

Eoin Morgan (England)

New Zealand



10 Nov 2019

Mohammad Hafeez (Pakistan)




30 Aug 2020

Fastest 2000 Runs in T20

Babar Azam (52 Innings)

Babar Azam, Pakistan captain, is at the top position for making the fastest 2000 runs in the T20I and he made this record against Zimbabwe at Harare on 25 Apr 2021. In the T20 international, Azam played his first match against England at Emirates Old Trafford on Sep 07, 2016. As of Oct 2021, Babar Azam has played 61 T20I matches and added 2204 runs at a strike rate of 130.65 with an average of 46.89.

Virat Kohli (56 Innings)

Virat Kohli, also known as Run Machine, is an Indian captain in all formats of cricket and is sitting at the 2nd position for reaching the 2000 runs milestone from his 56 innings. As of Oct 2021, he is the number 1 batter in terms of making the most runs in T20 (International). He crossed his 2000 runs landmark in the match against England at Manchester on 3 Jul 2018. Virat Kohli made his debut in T20I for India against Zimbabwe at Harare Sports Club on Jun 12, 2010.

Aaron Finch (62 Innings)

Aaron Finch, one of the most powerful hitters of the Australian cricket team is positioned at number 3 for scoring the fastest 2000 runs in T20I. He achieved this record in a match against England at Southampton on 4 Sep 2020 where he added 46 runs from 32 balls. As of Oct 2021, Finch has made runs at a strike rate of 150+ and this shows how dangerous a batter he is for the opposition. He started his career as a T20I player in a match against England at Adelaide Oval on Jan 12, 2011.

Brendon McCullum (66 Innings)

Brendon McCullum, the former captain of New Zealand, is a right-handed batsman who has made the fastest 2000 runs in 66 innings and sits at the 4th position for achieving this feat. He crossed the 2000 runs landmark against the Netherlands at Chattogram, Mar 29, 2014. It was the 25th match of the T20 World championship where he scored 65 runs from 45 balls and was named for the Man of the Match. McCullum made his debut in T20I against Australia at Eden Park, Feb 17 in 2005.

Martin Guptill (68 Innings)

Martin Guptill, a right-handed batsman of New Zealand, is at the top 5th position for making the fastest 2000 runs in the T20 international. He made this record in a match against Pakistan at Mount Maunganui on 28 Jan 2018. Guptill played his first T20 international match against Australia at Sydney Cricket Ground, Feb 15, 2009 where he was out at 0 run.


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