Supreme Court tightens the screws on Srinivasan again

By Hitesh Jain on Nov 29, 2014
The Supreme Court of India just doesn’t seem to be ready to let N Srinivasan get off the hook. In the latest development to the Indian Premier League spot fixing case today, the court asked the BCCI lawyers to come up with the reasons why the Chennai Super Kings franchise should not suffer disqualification after the misconduct of its team principal Mr. Gurunath Meiyappan. 

The judges have also very clearly said that the annual general meeting of the board, which has to take place next month, can take place, but, the people who are being related to this case cannot take part in it. This is another blow to N Srinivasan who clearly wants to contest in the president’s election again. The Mudgal committee has not blamed Srinivasan of match fixing activities in the report that it has submitted to the court, but, it has accused him of ignoring the misconduct of a star player whose name has not been disclosed. 

However, Meiyappan, who has been found guilty of betting, is Srinivasan’s son in law and that’s creating problems for the Tamil Nadu businessman. The court has also raised questions over Srinivasan’s dual role of the board president as well as the CSK owner. According to the court, a person can’t be controlling a league and then, be the owner of one of the participant’s teams at the same time. 

The lawyers from Srinivasan’s side tried to convince the court by saying that Srinivasan does not own CSK as an individual. It’s his company India Cements which is the actual owner, but, the court remained rigid on its stand and told the lawyers to come up with the names of the people who compose the board of directors in India Cements and also who holds how much stake in the company.
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