Pakistanis continue having fun time in UAE

By Hitesh Jain on Nov 12, 2014
The Pakistani cricketers seem to be making centuries for fun these days. After Ahmad Shahzad, Younus Khan and Misbah-ul-Haq also got to the three-figure scores on the second day of the first test match against the Black Caps in Abu Dhabi and Pakistan, once again, got past 500 batting first. Now, New Zealand is under severe pressure to save the test match. 

The flat nature of the surfaces in the Emirates is definitely one of the reasons why Pakistani batsmen have been piling on runs so easily of late, but, one also needs to admit that they have been much disciplined in their approach especially the way they have played the short balls. They have not tried to go for glory and have preferred ducking under deliveries pitched at half way length instead. 

Their defence against the spinners is another thing which should be lauded. They have been very good in coming forward and smothering the revolutions imparted on the ball. However, it doesn’t mean they have been bogged down. They have scored at a good rate. They have used the sweep shot effectively and have not been shy of going down the track either whenever the opposition captain has invited them to do so by bringing the field up. So, they have dealt spin masterfully and in subcontinent conditions, that’s what you have to do as a batsman. 

It’s also a fact though that the spin attack that Australia and New Zealand have, it’s not of high quality. On the same surfaces where the Pakistani spinners have found a lot of help, the Kangaroo and the Kiwi spinners have been found wanting. Winning the toss in every test match has helped the Pakistani batsmen as well, but, still, 12 centuries in 3 test matches, it’s something incredible.
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