In celebration mood, English players does Peegate

By Saurabh Sahni on Sep 2, 2013 | The Ashes 2013
England came within touching distance of victory in final Ashes test. Though Michael Clarke, propelled by bad weather, managed to scrap a draw for Australian side with England falling only 20 runs short of an unbelievable victory; it did not prevent a loss by a margin of 3-0 for Australia. England retained the Ashes Urn once again. It was obvious that English team would go berserk after the rigorous, mind crunching Ashes series they had won.

However, the winning celebrations went beyond the expected drunken revelry. After extending the party late into the night on the Oval ground, the English players allegedly including Kevin Pieterson, Stuart Broad and James Anderson peed on the Oval pitch in turns. Certain pictures uploaded by Matt Prior indicate that the English players indeed were having drinks on the Oval Pitch. Graeme Swann had almost admitted to the event which had attracted despise and contempt from all quarters. Legendary Shane Warne had expressed his disgust towards the incident saying that he was not against drinking and celebrations; adding that if what is being circulated has indeed happened then it is a brazen act of shame and disgrace towards something as vintage as the Oval Pitch.

Former English players had also criticised the alleged act of peeing by English players. The English Cricket Board has expressed condemnation towards the act and is said to have initiated an inquiry into the incident. The English team has clarified their stand in media of having no intentions to disrespect Oval Ground.
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