IPL chief Shukla resigns over spot fixing scandal

By Hitesh Jain on Jun 3, 2013 | IPL 2013
The pressure on the Board of Cricket Control in India chief, N Srinivasan, to quit from his position surmounted after the Indian Premier League chief Rajeev Shukla resigned from his position. The revelation of spot fixing, and subsequent match fixing and betting, scandals operational during the sixth edition of the cash rich tournament has shaken the base of the richest cricket board in the cricketing world and withered the trust of the cricket crazy nation. The BCCI has been facing condemnation and inquisition for their operational strategies and prominent names from the BCCI have quit on moral grounds, shouldering ethical responsibility for the disgrace which has been met to the sport.

The resignation of IPL chief Rajeev Shukla is third notable name on the BCCI ship to empty the deck. Earlier, secretary of BCCI, Sanjay Jagdale, and treasurer of BCCI, Ajay Shirke, the number 2 and number 3 BCCI officials, also willingly moved out of the chaotic situation. However, this was not the case with BCCI chief N Srinivasan who, despite his team CSK’s ‘Honorary Member’ and son-in-law found guilty of betting in IPL 6, has flatly refused to step down of the lucrative post.

The stepping down of Rajeev Shukla happens just before the meeting of the working committee of the BCCI which would be assembling to decide on Srinivasan’s future. It is touted that Srinivasan’s stay in BCCI office is numbered just for some hours and that the meeting would conclude by announcing successor to Srinivasan in most probable situation.
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