India - Future Tour Programs

Month Tournament Details
Dec 2017-Feb 2018 India tour of South Africa 2018
Matches: 3 Test, 6 ODI and 3 T20
Venue: South Africa
March 2018 Nidahas Trophy 2018
Matches: 7 T20 matches including final
Venue: Sri Lanka
Apr-May 2018 IPL 2018
Matches: 60 T20
Venue: India
Jun-Sep 2018 India tour of England 2018
Matches: 5 Test, 5 ODI and 1 T20
Venue: England
September 2018 Asia Cup 2018
Matches: 10 ODI and 1 Final match
Venue: India
Oct-Nov 2018 West Indies tour of India 2018
Matches: 3 Test, 5 ODI and 1 T20
Venue: India
Nov 2018-Jan 2019 India tour of Australia 2018-19
Matches: 4 Test
Venue: Australia
Jan-Feb 2019 India tour of New Zealand 2019
Matches: 5 ODI and 3 T20
Venue: New Zealand
February 2019 Australia tour of India 2019
Matches: 5 ODI and 2 T20 matches
Venue: India
March 2019 Zimbabwe tour of India 2019
Matches: 1 Test and 3 ODI
Venue: India
Apr-May 2019 IPL 2019
Matches: 60 T20
Venue: India
May-Sep 2019 India tour of West Indies 2019
Matches: 3 Test, 5 ODI and 1 T20
Venue: West Indies
Jul 2019-Apr 2021 ICC Test Championship 2019-21
Matches: TBD
Venue: England
Oct-Dec 2019 South Africa tour of India 2019
Matches: 3 Test, 7 ODI and 2 T20
Venue: India
December 2019 India vs Pakistan 2019
Matches: 2 Test, 5 ODI and 2 T20
Venue: UAE

The highest governing body of the game i.e. the International Cricket Council prepares a schedule for the test playing countries according to which all of them have to play at least two bilateral series (One at home and one away) against each other over a period of 10 years. That schedule is called Future Tour Program or FTP in short. Two is the minimum number. If the boards of the countries reach an agreement, they can play more than two bilateral series as well in 10 years, but, they need to play at least two.

Here we have made available the FTP schedule of each and every test playing nation for you. We have got a dropdown bar below. You just have to pick the country of your choice from that dropdown bar and a list will appear in front of you which will have the schedule of the upcoming bilateral series of that country.

Also, as per Cricket FTP issued by the International Cricket Council, if a team doesn’t want to travel to a particular country for a bilateral series due to security reasons, then, by the mutual agreement of the respective boards, that series can be shifted to a neutral venue such as United Arab Emirates or any other country where the facilities are good. Recently, the Pakistan Cricket Team has played a lot of their home bilateral series on the Emirates soil.

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