List of Cricket Match Format

Sr. No. Format Schedule
1 ODI Schedule
One Day International
2 T20 Schedule
Twenty20 International
3 Test Schedule
4 IPL Schedule
Indian Premier League T20
5 T10 Schedule
6 100Ball Schedule

There are not too many sports in the world which are played in different formats, but, Cricket is one such sport. It’s being played in three formats at the moment. Those three formats are named as Test match cricket, One Day International Cricket and T20 International cricket. T20 is the format which has got the maximum number of fans all around the world, but, there are people who watch the other two formats as well. In fact, those who belong to the Old School of Thought like test cricket the most.

Barring these three formats, there are various leagues being organized these days all around the world. The biggest of them all is the Indian Premier League which takes place around April-May every year mostly in India, sometimes overseas also in emergency situations. It’s like a carnival, the IPL. It’s full of entertainment and drama as the world’s best cricketers and some of India’s biggest superstars are associated with it. So, even those people who don’t watch cricket in general follow IPL just because it’s so high profile.

There are many people who look for the schedule of a particular format of the game. Those who are test match lovers search the schedule of only the important test series, similarly, the T20 lovers search the dates of the matches of T20 series. So, to provide convenience to the fans, we have separated the schedule of all the formats. Below are given four categories i.e. ODI Schedule, T20 Schedule, Test Schedule and IPL schedule. By clicking on them, you can find out about the schedule of the matches of that format.
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