Privacy Policy

  1. We don’t recognize any information about the domain or the mail ID of the people who visit our website.
  2. We try to gather only that information which the visitors themselves want us to gather. For example- if they have to register to the site, they fill in the required blanks and it’s only that information that we keep with us.
  3. We don’t misuse any of the information collected from our visitors. We use that only for the purpose of internal reviewing.
  4. Whenever we make some changes in the layout of the website, we send the notification to our users about that. If they don’t want to receive those notifications, they can stop that by sending an email to the given address.
  5. We have contracts with other companies whose ads we show on our website.  Now, when the visitors come on our website, the servers of those ad companies might collect information about their IP address.
  6. If we are requested, we can provide the users whatever little information that we have about them in our database.
  7. If you have a feeling that we are not acting in accordance to any of the policies mentioned above, feel free to contact us.
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