ODI Schedule
ODI stands for the One Day International matches. It had first come into existence in the Seventies in Australia and the man who was responsible for the development of this format was Kerry Pecker. The first One Day International match was played in January 1971 between the two oldest cricket playing nations i.e. England and Australia. This format is not as long as the test matches and things happen quickly in it. People get to see a lot more fours and sixes in the ODIs than what they get to see in test matches and that’s why, a large no. of people comes to the stadiums to watch this format. With some very important ODI tournaments like Asia Cup coming up, people would be interested to know about the schedule of the upcoming ODI games. Following is the list of the One Day international matches that will take place in near future.
Date Match Details Venue
May 6, 2014 Ireland vs Sri Lanka, 1st ODI Dublin
May 8, 2014 Ireland vs Sri Lanka, 2nd ODI Dublin
May 22, 2014 England vs Sri Lanka, 1st ODI
May 25, 2014 England vs Sri Lanka, 2nd ODI Chester le Street
May 28, 2014 England vs Sri Lanka, 3rd ODI
May 31, 2014 England vs Sri Lanka, 4th ODI London
Jun 3, 2014 England vs Sri Lanka, 5th ODI
Jul 6, 2014 Sri Lanka vs South Africa, 1st ODI Colombo
Jul 9, 2014 Sri Lanka vs South Africa, 2nd ODI
Jul 12, 2014 Sri Lanka vs South Africa, 3rd ODI Hambantota
Aug 20, 2014 West Indies vs Bangladesh, 1st ODI St Georges
Aug 22, 2014 West Indies vs Bangladesh, 2nd ODI St Georges
Aug 25, 2014 England vs India, 1st ODI Bristol
Aug 25, 2014 West Indies vs Bangladesh, 3rd ODI
Aug 27, 2014 England vs India, 2nd ODI Cardiff
Aug 30, 2014 England vs India, 3rd ODI Nottingham
Sep 2, 2014 England vs India, 4th ODI Birmingham
Sep 5, 2014 England vs India, 5th ODI Leeds
Sep 8, 2014 Ireland vs Scotland, 1st ODI Dublin
Sep 10, 2014 Ireland vs Scotland, 2nd ODI Dublin
Sep 12, 2014 Ireland vs Scotland, 3rd ODI Dublin
Oct 5, 2014 Pakistan vs Australia, 1st ODI
Abu Dhabi
Oct 8, 2014 Pakistan vs Australia, 2nd ODI
Oct 10, 2014 Pakistan vs Australia, 3rd ODI
Abu Dhabi
Jan 16, 2015 South Africa vs West Indies, 1st ODI
Jan 18, 2015 South Africa vs West Indies, 2nd ODI Johannesburg
Jan 21, 2015 South Africa vs West Indies, 3rd ODI
East London
Jan 25, 2015 South Africa vs West Indies, 4th ODI Port Elizabeth
Jan 28, 2015 South Africa vs West Indies, 5th ODI
Feb 14, 2015 Sri Lanka vs New Zealand, 1st ODI Christchurch
Feb 14, 2015 England vs Australia, 2nd ODI
Feb 15, 2015 South Africa vs Zimbabwe, 3rd ODI
Feb 15, 2015 India vs Pakistan, 4th ODI
Feb 16, 2015 West Indies vs Ireland, 5th ODI Nelson
Feb 17, 2015 New Zealand vs Scotland, 6th ODI Dunedin
Feb 18, 2015 Bangladesh vs Afghanistan, 7th ODI
Feb 19, 2015 Zimbabwe vs United Arab Emirates, 8th ODI Nelson
Feb 20, 2015 England vs New Zealand, 9th ODI
Feb 21, 2015 Pakistan vs West Indies, 10th ODI Christchurch
Feb 21, 2015 Australia vs Bangladesh, 11th ODI
Feb 22, 2015 Sri Lanka vs Afghanistan, 12th ODI Dunedin
Feb 22, 2015 South Africa vs India, 13th ODI
Feb 23, 2015 England vs Scotland, 14th ODI Christchurch
Feb 24, 2015 West Indies vs Zimbabwe, 15th ODI
Feb 25, 2015 Ireland vs United Arab Emirates, 16th ODI
Feb 26, 2015 Afghanistan vs Scotland, 17th ODI Dunedin
Feb 26, 2015 Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh, 18th ODI
Feb 27, 2015 South Africa vs West Indies, 19th ODI
Feb 28, 2015 Australia vs New Zealand, 20th ODI
Feb 28, 2015 India vs United Arab Emirates, 21st ODI
Mar 1, 2015 England vs Sri Lanka, 22nd ODI Wellington
Mar 1, 2015 Pakistan vs Zimbabwe, 23rd ODI
Mar 3, 2015 South Africa vs Ireland, 24th ODI
Mar 4, 2015 Pakistan vs United Arab Emirates, 25th ODI
Mar 4, 2015 Australia vs Afghanistan, 26th ODI
Mar 5, 2015 Bangladesh vs Scotland, 27th ODI Nelson
Mar 6, 2015 India vs West Indies, 28th ODI
Mar 7, 2015 South Africa vs Pakistan, 29th ODI
Mar 7, 2015 Zimbabwe vs Ireland, 30th ODI
Mar 8, 2015 New Zealand vs Afghanistan, 31st ODI Napier
Mar 8, 2015 Australia vs Sri Lanka, 32nd ODI
Mar 9, 2015 England vs Bangladesh, 33rd ODI
Mar 10, 2015 India vs Ireland, 34th ODI
Mar 11, 2015 Sri Lanka vs Scotland, 35th ODI
Mar 12, 2015 South Africa vs United Arab Emirates, 36th ODI
Mar 13, 2015 Bangladesh vs New Zealand, 37th ODI
Mar 13, 2015 England vs Afghanistan, 38th ODI
Mar 14, 2015 India vs Zimbabwe, 39th ODI
Mar 14, 2015 Australia vs Scotland, 40th ODI
Mar 15, 2015 West Indies vs United Arab Emirates, 41st ODI Napier
Mar 15, 2015 Pakistan vs Ireland, 42nd ODI
Mar 18, 2015 TBC vs TBC, 1st Quarter Final ODI (A1 v B4)
Mar 19, 2015 TBC vs TBC, 2nd Quarter Final ODI (A2 v B3)
Mar 20, 2015 TBC vs TBC, 3rd Quarter Final ODI (A3 v B2)
Mar 21, 2015 TBC vs TBC, 4th Quarter Final ODI (A4 v B1)
Mar 24, 2015 TBC vs TBC, 1st Semi Final ODI
Mar 26, 2015 TBC vs TBC, 2nd Semi Final ODI
Mar 29, 2015 TBC vs TBC, Final ODI
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