List of Cricket Match Format
Cricket is one of the very few sports in the world which has got many formats. Currently, there are three formats in cricket i.e. the test matches, the one day internationals and the T20 internationals. There are many cricket fans who don’t like all formats of the game. They like a particular format and watch only that format of the game. If you are also one of those people and you want to find out the future schedule of your favourite format of the game, you have reached the right destination. Here, you can get detailed information regarding that. Following is the list of the different formats of the game. You just need to click on one of those formats and you will be taken to the list of the games (of that particular format) which are going to take place in near future.
Sr. No. Format ScheduleDescription
1 ODI Schedule One Day International
2 T20 Schedule Twenty20 International
3 Test Schedule Test Matches
4 IPL Schedule Indian Premier League T20
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